Being Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2019

Nkonjane primary school children receive toys from Miss Mamelodi Sundowns

Goitesemodimo Moeng who was crowned Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2019, has been a supporter of the team for as long as she can remember.

She was born in Mothulung Brits but left at a young age to Garankwa. People would see her at matches and asked her why she is not entering for the Mamelodi Sundowns pageants because they thought that she had it in her to win.

Recently she completed her B-Tech Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at the Tshwane University of Technology. She said she had postponed her participation in the pageant because she did not want it to interfere with her studies and as she did not know anything about pageants.

It is only in early 2019 that she gave it a thought and became very fond of the idea of becoming a brand ambassador for the club. She did her research and thought that she would actually motivate young people that anything is possible if they set their mind to it.

The day she won Miss Mamelodi Sundowns’ Pageant, she was filled with excitement, all the preparations paid off. “Being up against strong women made me stronger as they showed her that there is more to being a woman than looking all pretty and calm all day.

Goitesemodimo Moeng is Miss Mamelodi Sundowns 2019

“It is hard, we get stereotyped almost everywhere we go, there is a different kind of beauty to every other person and that is okay,” she said.

At the Mamelodi Sundowns pageant, the for the provincial princesses, the price money is R60 000 and the final prize is a brand new car for the crowned Miss Mamelodi Sundowns. She did not have a manager when she entered the competition and she still does not have one.

“Being Miss Mamelodi Sundowns means that you are a brand ambassador for the brand in any space possible, while giving back to your community as well.

“Currently I am working on developing a program for Primary Schools where I am working with a few people to teach young boys and girls about Gender-Based Violence.

“I believe that how a person turns up in life is exactly how they were raised. If a person allows their child to get away with anything, then that can result in them thinking that everything they do is right.

Miss Mamelodi Sundowns recruiting students at TUT Arcadia campus.

“Correcting your child is the right thing to do, do not allow your boys, for instance, to believe that its fine to hit a woman or let girls do as they wish in the house. We must teach our children to take responsibility for their actions,” said Ms Moeng.

She does not see the pageant as a show-off or rather something to brag about. She sees this as an opportunity to help her community.

“I am quite a reserved person, down to earth, very cordial and very disciplined when it comes to my goals, and I like making a difference in people’s lives,” she said. She said that she is passionate about sports to a point wherein she used to play for her soccer res while she was still studying.



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