Unemployed graduates organize protest march to raise their concerns

Unemployed graduates raise concerns in Tshwane

The Unemployed Graduates Movement (UGM) organized a march from Church Square to the Union Buildings in Pretoria last Saturday 15 August 2020 to call for the end to the unemployment of South African graduates.

They expressed disappointment in the government institutions with their placards written “we are capable” “stop building malls, build firms” in red and that “The government has failed people extremely!”

The metro police present ensured that lockdown regulations are complied with.

Mr Tshepo Zungula (31) who holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Tourism Management said he has lost hope in government to save him because he has realized that government officials and representatives are more interested in enriching themselves rather than serving the people.

can no longer expect any jobs from the government or to be served by them because the government still shows no interest in the people but rather than enriching themselves.

Kneeling on the ground at Church Square Pretoria CBD, frustrated graduates call for employment

“Graduates cannot go hungry when they have skills, it is time the youth take action because we have to realize that we cannot rely on organizations to create jobs especially at a time like this. The pandemic has proven Artificial Intelligence is the future, we need to act now to be with the times and relevant,” said Mr Zungula.

According to Mr Zikho Leshabane, one of the conveners of UGM said they have been submitting ideas and memorandums to different structures of the government such as the National Treasury, Labour Relations and Social Development on how to fight the intensifying rate of unemployment, especially unemployed graduates.

He said the Yes4Youth (Youth Empowerment Services) that was implemented in late 2017 has not been in their favor. “The facility helps all unemployed people and does not specifically focus on unemployed graduates and can be regarded as dysfunctional,” he said.

He said the police intercepted them and could not reach the Union Buildings due to lockdown regulations.

“If they continue to ignore us, we will have no choice but to occupy their offices,” he said.


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