OnlyOneSA movement marches to foreign embassies


Chanting, “no to human trafficking, drugs and child abduction,” the ‘Only One SA’ movement marched to the from Church Square in Pretoria to the Nigerian and Zimbabweans embassies today.

This follows the alleged missing people and it is suspected that almost 80% of the perpetrators of these crimes are either Nigerians or Zimbabweans.

“Every reported case points to Nigerians and Zimbabweans and that is why we are marching to their embassies,” aUS Ms Nandisa Gshwari, the march organizer.

“We are here to tell the Nigerian embassy to call their people to order, nothing more as we also want to be heard,” said Ms Gshwari

Responding to the matter in media interviews, Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, said he is not sure if the march was about the increasing rates of crime or just publicity because figures of such crimes have gone down since the lockdown.

“Usually in human trafficking, it is difficult to trace or find the end destination of the missing person, for now, up to 75% of missing individuals that were reported have been found. The question remains that is it increasing, and i am not sure if that is true,” he said.


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