Dinho devotes Mandela day to community

Tiego Dinho Motau with the food parcel donated to the needy

In celebrating Mandela day, Tiego ‘Dinho’ Motau together with Entokozweni resource center devoted 67 minutes of his time by giving out food parcels to 100 households that were affected by covid-19. The outreach, which was in commemoration of Mandela day and also to uplift the community of Mamelodi.

For Mr Motau, Mandela day is still a big deal because it is a constant reminder of how the late Nelson Mandela became selfless and sacrificed the 27 years of his life. He said Mandela was a leader that demonstrated kindness and it is exactly the kind of leader he wants to be.

“It is the kind of leadership I also want to implement in the community and for everyone to follow. I do not only want to do what the late Mandela did for the sake of kindness but I also want to encourage the people to run with the legacy for the future generation,” said Mr Motau.

He said he knows what it is like to be in need of a helping hand, what it is like to lack basic needs.

“I want to be that helping hand that I once needed and with help of the ‘Dinho Mandela Day’ stakeholders and several donors, I managed to do that, I want to do more and I believe I will continue to be the help the community needs,” added Mr Motau.

Mr Motau said he normally engages in social responsibility in his community, so he does not only reach out to the community on Mandela Day because kindness is not the 18th 0f July but it is an everyday thing to him.


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