Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation empowers 300 youth with solution-based thinking skills

Panel discussion on entrepreneurial ecosystem

Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, an independent public benefit organisation, held a youth empowerment workshop on Saturday, 16 November with 300 youth in Mamelodi East. The youth empowerment workshop is one of the Foundation’s activities to commemorate its 15th anniversary this year.

The workshops expose youth to different ways of looking at their problems and to seek solutions to them.  The participants were given very useful tools to use in their entrepreneurial journeys and everyday lives.

Mamelodi, like many of the country’s townships, is plagued by a high number of unemployed youth, leaving many of them despondent about solutions to their daily challenges. The workshops aimed at capacitating the young adults with entrepreneurial skills.

The delegates attended both theory and practical sessions that stimulated self-reflection, purpose-driven thinking, problem-solving and pitching. The sessions were facilitated by Startup Academy with the keynote address delivered by Sizwe Mahlangu, Marketing Executive at Halfway Toyota Group.

“Empowerment workshops like these are no longer a luxury, they are an important tool to keep our youth focused on finding solutions that will uplift them and their communities.  Whilst we understand that not everyone is going to start a business after this workshop, we are pleased that they will be equipped with solution-based thinking and have a renewed way of tackling challenges,” said Mmabatho Maboya, CEO of Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation.

“I enjoyed Sizwe Mahlangu’s talk a lot, he shared practical methods that we could use in our everyday lives to address our daily challenges. Most importantly, he reminded us not be too hard on ourselves if we fail, saying that resilience and getting back on track is what counts,” Dudu Makhoza, a workshop participant, said.



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