Mamelodi Youth speaks on being involved in multiple relationships

Muhluri Ngobeni is in a polygamous relationship

February is labelled the month of love, Mamelodi Times went out to speak to the youth of Mamelodi to find out what lifestyles they follow and to find out about the implications, advantages and disadvantages of being involved in multiple partners.

The idea of polygamous relationships could have worked in the past, but is it realistic today?

Today more partners mean spending more money because all of them want to be treated the same to avoid hatred and someone thinking they are not loved like the other.

One of the youth, Muhluri Ngobeni, is in a polygamous relationship and he says that it saves him a lot of cheating and having to explain himself to his partners.

“There is absolutely no need for me to hide my phone or explain to my partners why I am doing a certain thing. My first girlfriend knows that if I say I will not be able to see her today then it means I was with the other girlfriend and I feel she is more secure and less worried about me.

Mr Ngobeni seemed to have no problem with that. “On Valentine’s Day I bought both my girlfriends the same gifts, in the morning I took my first girlfriend out to eat at a restaurant and at night I planned a special dinner for the second one”

It is said that a man or women always has a favourite whenever he is involved in polygamous relationship or marriage, Muhluri agreed with that statement by saying that his first girlfriend is his number one. “I love my first girlfriend more than my second, she understands me and always comes through for me in any situation, and I would choose her again and again”

Shaimane Malatji does not believe in polygamy at all

Shaimane Malatji does not believe in polygamy at all, she is so against it to a point that if she was to find out that her partner is involved with someone else, she would leave him on the spot.  “A person only has one heart, so why would he or she go and marry or be in a relationship with multiple people? Where is the fun in that? Plus there is a lot of money that needs to be spent on those partners so I do not see the benefit of polygamous relationships”

Nhlavutelo Ngobeni was once involved in a polygamous

Nhlavutelo Ngobeni was left by both his partners due to cheating

relationship and none of that ended well for him.  “For months I was going back and forth with my two girlfriends, I really thought that they would never find out about it but one day the girlfriend that I was cheating with found out and she called the other girl and myself to the same place and started a scene that I will never forget, they both ended the relationship with me and left me all by myself”.

It is clear that polygamy is not for everyone, it could only be maintained by the old generation because that was not a time of money or jealousy.


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