Three nurses go the extra mile to help their community

The three nurses, Paulinah Mafatshe, Mabu Sekhaolelo and Veronica Mogashoa

Situated at Mamelodi east gardens, this clinic is the first of its kind. This clinic named Wellness Today was founded by three nurses, Ms Paulinah Mafatshe, Ms Mabu Sekhaolelo, and Ms Veronica Mogashaolelo who saw that there was a need to open this facility so as to help the working parents who are unable to take their children to the clinic during office hours.

The nurses said they want to decrease the defaulting rate of both adults and children because they love their community and want to give them a better and closer service.

A private clinic means the community would have to spend a lot of money in order to get better services, this also means that the three nurses should have to spend a fortune to get good medical equipment or medication.

“We do not have funding this far, we have to ask for assistance from our families and business people in our community. With their help, we can make our clinic bigger and better,” said the nurses.

The clinic opens from 4 pm until 7 pm Monday to Friday. This is because the nurses go to their workplaces first then come to the clinic after office hours.

“Appointments can be made, we treat everyone with respect and dignity and we are very passionate about our work and we keep our patients’ information private as any clinic in the country,” said Ms Paulinah Mafatshe.

The clinic was also opened because the nurses are so close to retirement but they still have so much passion in helping the sick and their community.

The clinic was transformed from the Mafatshe`s family home. The two rooms were transferred to a consulting room and the other room into a reception.


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