Families feel the pain of the Corona Virus national disaster

Obakeng Mathoa from Mamelodi East

The Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill with countries focusing on prevention measures. Over 274 202 people are known to have been infected and over 11 354 deaths have been recorded worldwide.

In South Africa cases of infections reported are now standing at 202 and are expected to increase.

This has left the nation in panic particularly parents after schools were put on early recess.

Obakeng Mathoa from Mamelodi East who is a mother of two said ever since she heard that coronavirus is in South Africa, she has been more worried about her children.

“I am always at work worried about my children that I will be the one who will bring it home to infect them. Since they are at home, it is costing me more money because I must now spend more on them including paying someone to look after them.

Sinenhlanhla Mkhize, from Soshanguve block L, who happens to be an aunt of a toddler, said she is spending so much money on sanitizers and fears coming home with the virus because her employer has not told workers to stop working.

“I have to hire a nanny and that cost a lot and I am always scared I will bring it home,” she said.

The next two weeks are crucial for South Africa. If we take adequate precautions and flatten the curve, then we can break the tide of this Coronavirus outbreak.  Else we have a big problem on our hands, especially for the elderly and large immunocompromised population.

So far South Africa has done well in its fight to contain Corona Virus.

South Africa is in stage 3 in which the Virus spreads through social contacts and in social gatherings. This is the most critical stage when the number of confirmed cases spread exponentially every day (what happened in Italy between last week of February and the second week of March)…from 300 to 10,000.

If South Africa is not able to manage this stage over the next 3 to 4 weeks, then we could have confirmed cases not in Thousands but in Millions. This next month is crucial. That is why most events & public gatherings have been prohibited.

Parents are advised not to be tempted by the travel/holiday bug just because schools are closed. Holidays will come next year too and there is no need to feel lucky with the Corona especially with children and the elderly. Marriage functions and birthday parties can wait. Trying your luck thinking that nothing will happen, might lead to people dying because of this indiscretion.

The next 30 days will be the most crucial in the medical History of South Africa. Residents are advised to take all precautions while at home and while outside for any important work. Precaution is NOT panic.

Be a responsible citizen by following instructions/advice and educate others to remain careful for the next month at least.

Corona Virus Cases worldwide:

New York

wk 1 – 2

wk 2 – 105

wk 3 – 613



wk 1 – 12

wk 2 – 191

wk 3 – 653

wk 4 – 4499



wk 1 – 2

wk 2 – 43

wk 3 – 245

wk 4 – 4747

wk 5 – 12729



wk 1 – 3

wk 2 – 152

wk 3 – 1036

wk 4 – 6362

wk 5 – 21157



wk 1 – 8

wk 2 – 674

wk 3 – 6043



Week 1 – 3

Week 2 – 24

Week 3 – 105


South Africa

Week 1 – 51

Week 2 – 202


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