Mamelodi and Pretoria streets empty like ghost towns

The police were seen keeping law and order in the streets of Mamelodi

With the COVID 19 infections cases reaching over 1 187, 31 recovered cases and 1 fatality in the country, the South African government is intensifying on the control of the movement of people.

Today the streets of Pretoria and Mamelodi looked like ghosts towns with no economic activity taking place.

Citizens are worried that the 21 Days curfew will have negative consequences on the economy that might see some businesses closing down.

Government has stepped up with emergency funds to rescue businesses to lessen the impact that the lockdown might have on the economy.

Ms Zuzeni Mcube from Pretoria central said she has just started working in Johannesburg a few weeks ago. “The only way that I would get to Joburg is travelling via Marabastat or Bosman and it has been difficult since the president announced the lockdown, I am not used to staying home so my life is on hold”.

Usually filled with street vendors, this taxi rank looks like a ghost town

The South African National Defence Force (SNDF) has been seen being intolerant to people breaking the law in some comers of the country.

On day three of the lockdown, more than 55 people were arrested for offences such as drinking in large numbers or refusing to stay home in line with the lockdown protocols.

Thando Mathobela from Mamelodi East who is a student at the Tshwane University of Technology Arcadia campus and also an upcoming entrepreneur said he understands the reasons behind the lockdown.

“The virus does not move, but it is moved, as a student I feel like we are already so behind with school but I see the importance of this lockdown, this is a very serious matter and it should be maintained or else we are all doomed to die”.

Constable Mashione of Mamelodi east police station could not comment on plans for the rest of the remaining days of lockdown but he said he hopes that everyone will follow the laws to save more lives.


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