No COVID 19 Case detected at Mamelodi Day Hospital so far

Dr Soe (fourth from right) says he also fears for his family as a medical practitioner

Mamelodi Regional Hospital is regarded as one of the lucky hospitals in Gauteng to not have a single case of an infected person treated at the hospital. There are patients who have tested but so far no positive case.

The staff at the hospital are tested for the safety of patients and others. A number of 104 staff members have been screened for the pandemic with some results still outstanding with some positivity because the staff is screened on a daily basis.

Dr Naing Soe, the CEO of Mamelodi regional hospital is very proud of the fact that the hospital has not dealt with any case of the Coronavirus because it becomes scary each day.

“We are lucky up to so far, however, if one of the staff tests positive for the Virus, we would quickly isolate them or have them sent to Steve Biko Academic hospital,”

“At the gate, no one is allowed to enter without a mask and all patients are sanitized.

He said the coronavirus kills people of all races and ages but those who have cancer, high blood pressure and other sicknesses are at greater risk because it attacks the immune system.

Dr Soe said there are children in the world who have contaminated the virus mostly because their immune systems are still in check.

He said as a medical practitioner he also fears for the safety of his family as a person can show symptoms after a couple of days or show little.


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