Essential services workers should be the ones rewarded

Dimpho Ramohlale

Following the announcement of the relief measures by President Ramaphosa, a resident from Mamelodi that did not want to be named, said essential services workers should be the ones rewarded because they sacrifice their lives for everyone.

She said she is concerned that essential services are not rewarded for their sacrifice while they are at risk on a daily basis.

“Essential services workers were not even mentioned in the speech among the beneficiaries of the relief fund,” the source said.

She also said other people who will lose out of this are the unemployed graduates because of their qualifications.

“I think every unemployed South African should be considered for some relief because we are suffering the same,” she said.

Another resident who is a mother of three children, Ms Enhle Mkhize, said the government should have done something sustainable with the money like making sure everyone gets tested and find a cure for the virus.

“They should have also considered building more health facilities to improve the health care system for a better South Africa after the lockdown.

Ms Dimpho Ramohlale, also a resident, said although she is glad something was done for the children, she still worries about the economy post the lockdown.

“The economy might face a lot of difficulties in the future due to this decision, but perhaps it was necessary because some families do not have any form of income.

“The community is suffering due to the lockdown and perhaps street vendors will be saved from the most difficult six months ahead” she said.


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