Tshwane Metro Police impound 27 Tuk-tuks vehicles

Impounded tut-tuks

The Tshwane Metro Police impounded Tuk-Tuks, a form of transport also known as Pigeon or 3wheel in an operation in the Eesterust area near Mamelodi on 12 October 2020. One person has been arrested and 29 fines have been issued.

These vehicles are being operated on public roads, mostly by underage children hence posing a risk to road users and the community at large.

Ms Sefiri Masemola a resident at Mamelodi said, impounding the vehicles is not a solution.

“They should ensure that drivers acquire driving license because Tuk-tuks scooters are convenient to carry locals to Mamelodi Crossing because there are no taxis transporting the community for nearby shopping convenience.

“The Tshwane Metro Police cannot just impound them without informing the public because they create employment for the youth who also do not have money to acquire driver’s licenses.

“The Metro Police should rather create an empowerment drive for the township economy revitalization to take these impoverished unskilled unemployed youth to a free driving test,” she said.

Tshwane Metro Police Department said, they will not tolerate unlawful behavior on the roads.


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