Mamelodi woman expresses her feelings through a book

Ms Tshepiso Desire

Ms Tshepiso Desire (28), born and raised in Mamelodi West Section D1 in Tshwane, was inspired by her life experiences to write a book titled “Out of my control in control”.

The book that will be launched on 9 June 2021 contains 16 chapters and speak about her family background and relationship within the family.

Her writing started in primary school inspired by her passion of talking about her emotions.

“I have always been a writer, mostly an expressive writer because talking about my emotions and experiences was not easy. As positive as I wanted to appear, I knew that it was tension within me, and the only way I knew how to release it was to put it down in writing.

“The character still find herself carrying the burden of tricky relationships with people and men she has allowed into her life. It also reveals the level at which ignorance has a huge impact on who Pheladi is and her purpose in life when she encounters battles with her emotions, her mindset, and her spirituality,” she added.

The story encouraged her to start a Non- Profit Organisation (NPO) named “Familiar” on July 2020. The organization is still in the starting phase of raising awareness of mental, psychological and spiritual wellness.

“Familiar aims to assist those in need with preference to young children to raise awareness and to provide support to community members and to promote a safer and gentler environment in families,” said Ms Desire.

For more information about the book contact Tshepiso on 067-032-1802, Facebook: So Familiar Org and Instagram: @sofamiliar_Org.


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