Young woman author wishes to inspire all

A young Nellmapius author Kamogelo Masoga (22) poses with her new book

A young Nellmapius author aims to inspire the lives of all ages with her book titled “Chasing the dream”.

The writer, Ms Kamogelo Masoga (22), said she wrote her first book which consists of ten fictional stories.

In the book, her first story takes her readers through the story of a boy who would not give up on his dream to become a professional singer despite challenges. She does this by adding fictional stunts or taste to create an impression to her readers.

“Even though the book has fictional stories, they are also based on challenges that are faced by society daily,” said Ms Masoga.

“Chasing the dream” by Kamogelo Masoga aims to change lives for readers

Enjoying writing at an early age made writing not an issue for her.

“It was back in high school when we wrote essays that I realized that I can make a good storyteller. The essays motivated me to write even more and today I can proudly say that I am motivated to write more,” she said.

The book was supposed to be launched in March 2020 but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch had to be canceled.

The COVID 19 pandemic did not stop her from selling as she managed to sell more than 40 copies this far.

“Even though it is lesser than my expectations, I am still grateful for the outcome,” she said.


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